1993 The Wildhearts – “Earth vs the Wildhearts”

When you look at the list of great British rock bands there are those who don’t get the attention they deserve. The Wildhearts are sadly one of them. They are/were one of the underrated greats in rock music. Formed in 1989 in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Wildhearts could and would out drink and outplay anyone anywhere. They played harder then most of their contemporaries, but also had an obscene amount of melody. Released in 1993 “earth vs.” Showed a band on the top of their game and was voted Kerrang’s album of the year. Even more impressively it was the Wildhearts debut.
The thing for me that makes “Earth vs.” stand out from the rest is the songwriting. Straight away chief songwriter and frontman Ginger Wildheart stood out as world class and to this day is constantly writing amazing tracks. He has an amazing ability with melody and finds hooks that go straight through your ears and into your consciousness. Even though it is a debut album the eclecticism is amazing. The album jumps from heavy metal to 1940’s Americana and punk rock. A friend once described them as the Rammones using Metallica’s gear to play Beatles songs and that is fairly accurate. From their heartfelt tribute to London (“greetings from shitsville”) to relationship troubles (“my baby is a headfuck”) all the tracks are played with a wry smile and a daft amount of volume.

If you’re unfamiliar with them I really recommend giving them a go and if they reform and are playing near you then do yourself a solid and go and see them. On record they are great, but live they are something else entirely. This is music to drink and sing along too, loudly and with no shame. This is British rock at it’s best!

PRB 🤘🕉


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