Chris Cornell 

I have no clue how to write this but feel that I need to. This is off the cuff and not planned in any way but I need to write about the death of Chris Cornell.

Earlier on this morning my wife was on Facebook and shouted “Jesus, Chris Cornell is dead”. I was stunned and for a while thought it might be a hoax, but as more news appeared then it became more real. At the time of writing this the cause of death has not been confirmed and to be honest that’s not important. The fact that he is dead at 52 is tragic enough. 

I found Chris Cornell in possibly the most backwards way going. As a kid I was a massive rage against the machine fan so I was introduced to him by Audioslave. This was incredible to me. This was rage fronted by Robert Plant. The collision of these two worlds really was a massive discovery for me and I decided to track down more of this amazing voice. So, from there I went back to soundgarden and temple of the dog.

The best thing I can say about his voice is you could drop it into any band and it would fit. His voice was so powerful and versatile but at the same time so uniquely his own. There was fragility, soulfulness and a rawness in his singing but when he needed it there was huge range and strength.

I played “say hello 2 heaven” by temple of the dog today with a more heavy heart. Sadly fitting I listened again to a voice that you could drown in and really felt the loss of a truly amazing artist 

PRB 🕉❤️


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